Monday, August 9, 2010

Can u promise???

“knock2”… can I come in?

No, u can’t.

But why? Did I done anything wrong?

Nope. U juz can’t enter. Forbidden.

Erm… how can I enter it?

U must know how to take care of it.

What ‘it’? Is that something fragile?

Yup!! It’s really fragile and if u broke it, u will be punished.

What kind of punishment?

U will be thrown out from there and not allowed to enter it again!!

Okie2,,, but how can I take care of ‘it’?

I don’t know,,, u must find out urself.

Owh… but can I come in. I want to find out what is the best way to take care of ‘it’. Plz…

Okie… U can enter it, but u can’t go out if u wants to. The thing was really fragile and needs a really good care. U need to give full commitment to ‘it’ and must confess ur love to ‘it’.

Okie2,,, I will stay there forever and ever and I will make sure ‘it’ will not broke. It will be like a shiny star in my nite, like a sun in my day and like a rainbow in my heart.


.:: note to =) : are u willing to and can u promise?

~~ Laily Agus ~~


emieysandra said...

best la kak..
it's abou love..
mood jiwang eh..huhu

lAiLy'S_fL0w3r'S said...

ne ade jiwang la,,